Religion and Math

Sister Miriam Belinda Ugoh

Seventh Grade

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In 5th grade math, we are working on adding and subtracting decimals. In 6th grade math, we are finishing Fraction Operations and will begin Data Collection and Analysis after Christmas break. They are also working on a project where each is creating their own ideal "Park." Their Park will include the location, geography, climate, wildlife, and vegetation. 7th grade Pre-Algebra class are exploring Rational Numbers and Equations. At the same time they are completing a project where they are integrating Math and technology to help them use their cognitive, technological, and creative abilities by applying mathematical concepts and formulas in real life situation. While 8th grade Algebra class are finishing Writing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form and Point-Slope Form. After the Christmas break, they will be Solving and graphing Linear Inequalities.

In 6th grade Religion class, we are exploring the "Importance of Law and the qualities that mark a faithful relationship with God" 6th grades are also working advent project by creating "O Antiphon House" for last week before Christmas (December 17-25) While 7th grade Religion class are exploring the "Word of God;" how important it is that God entered into Covenant with Humankind and through Scripture and Tradition understand God's Revelation made in that Covenant. Also 7th grades are working on a project: "Obituary Announcement/Breaking News" on Martyrs for Christ-Ancient and Modern.