Week of November 29

11-29-2017From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

“Teach your child new skills by first showing the skill yourself, then giving your child opportunities to learn the new skill. For example, speak politely to each other in the home. Then, prompt your child to speak politely say please or thank you”, and praise your child for their efforts.“

Advent begins this Sunday, December 3. The word Advent means “coming.” Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year in the Western churches and encompasses the span of time from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until the Nativity of Our Lord is celebrated. The first Sunday of Advent is the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle which is November 30, and so it will always fall somewhere between November 27 at the earliest and December 3 at the latest. The significance of Advent is because it is a season of looking forward and waiting for something greater... the annual celebration of the event of Christ’s birth. The liturgical color for this season is purple.


Week of November 22

11-22-2017From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

"O Lord, Great Spirit,

We thank You for all the good gifts Your share with us. We thank you for the food we eat, for the beauty of the seasons and for the wonders of Your creation. We thank You for our friends and families and ask You to bless and watch over us all."

Oh Señor, Gran Espíritu,

Te agradecemos por todos los buenos regalos que compartes con nosotros. Te agradecemos por la comida que comemos, por la belleza de las estaciones y por las maravillas de Tu creación. Te agradecemos por nuestros amigos y familiares y te pedimos que nos bendigas y cuides de todos nosotros.

Week of November 15

11-15-2017From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel about the support that I received over this past weekend. God's love and beauty shined through this past weekend on our community! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mrs. Lucero.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Festival and especially to all those who volunteered! It is beautiful to see the parish and school communities working together as on body of Christ. We are truly blessed by God to have such a wonderful community!

Las palabras no pueden expresar que agradecida y bendecida me siento por el apoyo que he recibido esteúltimo fin de semana. ¡El amor y la belleza de Diosbrillaron durante este pasado fin de semana en nuestracomunidad! Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón., Sra.Lucero.

Gracias a todos los que vinieron al Festival y especialmente a todos los que se ofrecieron como voluntarios!Es hermoso ver a las comunidades parroquiales yescolares trabajando juntas como un solo cuerpo de Cristo.¡Somos bendecidos por Dios para tener una comunidad tan maravillosa!

Week of November 8

11-08-2017From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

“Give your child lost of physical affection–Children often like hugs, cuddles andholding hands.”

"Dele a su hijo mucho afecto físico: a losniños con frecuencia les gusta abrazar,abrazarlos y tomalos de la mano."

Week of November 1

11-01-2017From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

Talk to your child about things he/she isinterested in and share aspects of your daywith your child.

Hable con su hijo sobre las cosas que leinteresan y comparta aspectos de su día consu hijo.